This is a short puzzle game, with a grim story and rewire mechanics inspired by Gunpoint.

WASD/Arrows - Move
Mouse - Look Around
E - Toggle Switch
R - Reset Current Level
Q - Stop Controlling Robot
Space - Toggle Rewire Mode

Click and drag between objects in rewire mode to create connections.

I support recent versions (less then two years old) of:

The snake game from the loading screen is based on this guy's code. I know how to program snake, I'm just lazy.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorRat Thing
Tags2D, Dark Humor, Gore, gun-orphan, gunpoint, little-nightmares, Short, Top-Down


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Awesome Super Unique Concept and well made. Great Job! Everything seems great. The Gameplay graphics could have been a little better just like the cut scene, however, the mechanics are a good strong point in this game to attract the users. 


WOOOAHH, This game is awesome, the keys are bit much though, I wish I can activate the rewire mode with my mouse like right click, and use my other hand for WASDE