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LETSSSSSS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO I FINALLY DID IT. it took me 2 weeks because of breaks to beat this awesome game you created . hate that orphan really bad though. never the less the game mechanics are great and easy to use, love the freind too he helped alot.

this is gooooood like damn it's like an action game and point and click game had a baby and this is the result

lol only technoblade could kill this orphan

Honestly, I would love to see a larger version of this game, it has some amazing potential and can introduce more mechanics, possibly even have a storyline.

There's a glitch where I can't move when I pick up a new gun until I shoot it. definitely detrimental when I run out of ammo in a group of enemies.

Sounds like you are defocusing the game window when you press the pick up gun button. If you are playing on firefox shift - right click will do just this, so sprint with space on that browser, or use a chromium based alternative.

If you are not using firefox, are you playing on one of the recommended browsers from the description? Also make sure you don't have any extensions installed which bind an action to right click/alt or some control key + right click/alt.

Noice :)

Gun Orphan (GamePlay Walkthrough)